Terrorism Thrillers

The events portrayed in these novels are the stuff of nightmares, and it is my sincere hope that nothing even remotely similar should ever come to pass.  I only wish that my hope were matched with an equal measure of confidence.  But as has been shown time and again through history, the depravity of man knows no bounds, and evil always lies in wait, hiding like a venomous serpent just around the corner.


cover_shattered_finalFor eight months, Farouk Al-Hussein has nursed murder in his heart.  He has attended classes at Brookfield University.  Written term papers.  Taken exams.  Dated his girlfriend.  And all the while he has waited patiently for a sign—a sign that it is time to unleash jihad.  On the night of September 17th, that sign arrives.

As September 18th dawns, Sonja Eriksson is a campus police officer pouring heart and soul into her job so that she doesn’t have to face her empty apartment.  Steven Manning is a renowned professor of political science bemoaning the creeping decline of the academy.  Miriam Goldstein is a bright-eyed college senior dedicating her life to the idea that peace between Jews and Muslims is possible.  What none of them know is that September 18th will forever be emblazoned in their minds as the day that everything changed—the day that their world shattered into a thousand bloody pieces.  And unless they can act quickly to stop the terror, death and darkness will overtake them entirely.

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