Sci-Fi — Where Technology Transforms

I have loved science fiction since the first day I watched Star Wars.  More recently I have found myself enthralled by dystopian worlds like those of The Hunger Games and Divergent.  I hope that you enjoy my own forays into the worlds of the future–worlds where technology may be different, but where the human heart is just the same.

The Splitter Saga — Dystopian Science Fiction (Coming Soon)

Sixteen-year-old Lana Holliman chafes against her life of deprivation.  Her food ration dictates how much she can eat.  Her oxygen monitor tracks her every breath.  And now the ultimate prison approaches:  the Day of Choosing, when she must decide who she is and who she will become.  But not every choice is as simple as it seems—and the wrong choice could be the last one she ever makes….