The Mirynthir Chronicles

Perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, the Mirynthir Chronicles is a sprawling new epic fantasy series filled with pulsing action, heroic adventure, powerful magic, and enchanting romance.  If you love compelling fantasy, buy Awakening from the Shadows, the first book of the Mirynthir Chronicles, and start reading today!

The Land of Mirynthir

Long ago, before the Great War, the land of Mirynthir was filled with powerful magic and great mages sat alongside kings and helped govern the land.  But after the dark wizard Magalandar tried to seize all of Mirynthir for himself, and after he was barely defeated following the horrific Great War, the surviving mages laid down their magic and placed wards over the land that would ensure that magic could never again return to Mirynthir.  Except, as the years have passed and Mirynthir has slowly recovered, magic has returned.  And once again it threatens to bring ruin to the land.

Awakening from the Shadows — The Story Begins

Ten years ago, Zaron arrived at the gates of the dwarven citadel of Falgard as a terrified, blood-soaked child huddled alone in the back of a horse-drawn cart.  Now grown, he searches for answers about the past he can’t remember and the family he never knew.  However, what begins as a quest for answers quickly transforms into a struggle for survival when evils long thought dead awaken around him like an ancient plague….

Awakening from the Shadows Cover   NortheasternMirynthir

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