Short Stories

Here are my fantasy short stories.  The style, worlds, and subject matter are each unique, so there is no reading order or anything to worry about.  Fantastical Tales is a collection that contains all five of my fantasy short stories.  The stories are also available individually as well.  I hope that you enjoy them!

Adventure, magic, and intrigue!  Fantastical Tales brings you all three in a delightful collection of fantasy short stories.  Befriend a cantankerous potionmaker striving to brew a forbidden elixir.  Explore with an elven messenger fighting his way out of a magical trap.  These adventures and more await—so go ahead, turn the page, and let the adventure begin!  Fantastical Tales is a 40,000 word fantasy short story collection containing Dragon’s Draught, The Power to Heal, Lady of the Woods, The Star of Amalore, and Snowbound.

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For fifteen years, Darminor has limped through life on a withered leg, envying the world around him while perfecting the banned art of potionmaking.  Now, after all this time, he finds that healing may be within his grasp.  He need only brew the dragonclaw elixir, the rarest of potions—and then steal it from those who hired him.  It’s his one chance at health and freedom.  Can Darminor muster the courage—and the wiles—to succeed in his plan?

Dragon’s Draught is a 6,200 word fantasy short story.

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When a plague ravages the city of Corthana, Keirdan is stretched to the breaking point as he juggles supervising the exhausted monks at his monastery and caring for the sick and dying.  Despair clings to the sanatorium walls and tugs at Keirdan’s heart.  When the mystical Bath Stone arrives at the monastery, Keirdan faces a new dilemma.  Do he and the monks rely on the power of the relic to help their desperate cause, or do they keep faith in their goddess alone?

The Power to Heal is a 5,600 word fantasy short story.

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Could faeries really exist?  Aleandor has only heard of them in old bedtime tales until the day his master Kinsley proclaims that he has seen one.  And what does Kinsley propose they do?  Grab a bow and go hunting.  Soon Aleandor must decide where his heart lies—behind a goose-feathered arrow and a drawn bowstring or in exploring the wonders of this magical visitor.

Lady of the Woods is a 6,700 word fantasy short story.

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Kirian awaits his execution with but one hope remaining for survival:  that he will be chosen as a companion by the Star of Amalore, to guard and protect her just as she protects the city of Amalore with her power.  When the Star denies him, Kirian hears her refusal as the toll of the gallows-bell, not realizing that a deeper intrigue is at work and that he has been chosen for service after all—for service that may yet grant him life, if it doesn’t kill him first.

The Star of Amalore is a 9,400 word fantasy short story.

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As an elven kithwaymender, Lleyyanir has delivered hundreds of clandestine communications across continents and kingdoms.  But when his master Gwennin charges him with a new task, a delivery to the warden of the beleaguered northern city of Porytim, Gwennin urges unprecedented haste.  Thousands of lives hang in the balance, and Lleyyanir’s message holds the key to their survival—if he can stay alive long enough to deliver it.

Snowbound is a 12,800 word fantasy short story.

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