Fantasy — Where Magic Dwells

My love of fantasy began at a young age with an introduction to Tolkien.  Although many other authors and fantastical worlds have influenced me through the years, the Lord of the Rings still represents the pinnacle of fantasy storytelling for me.  Here you can find my own fantasy stories and short stories–pick one up and start a new adventure today!

The Mirynthir Chronicles — Epic Fantasy

Ten years ago, Zaron arrived at the gates of the dwarven citadel of Falgard as a terrified, blood-soaked child huddled alone in the back of a horse-drawn cart.  Now grown, he searches for answers about the past he can’t remember and the family he never knew.  However, what begins as a quest for answers quickly transforms into a struggle for survival when evils long thought dead awaken around him like an ancient plague….

Awakening from the Shadows Cover   NortheasternMirynthir

Short Stories

These fantasy short stories are independent of each other and independent of the Mirynthir Chronicles as well, so they may be read in any order.

cover_final_dragons_draught   cover_final_the_power_to_heal   cover_final_lady_of_the_woods   cover_final_the_star_of_amalore   cover_final_snowbound

Short Story Collections

Get all your short stories at once!  Save money and virtual shelf space with short story collections!