About the Author

Mark P. Kolba lives in northwest Indiana with his lovely wife and children, and he has enjoyed reading and writing across multiple genres for many years.  In fact, while sorting through some old papers, his wife once discovered an early draft of a fantasy novel that he had written while in elementary school (and that he had completely forgotten about).  So yes, he has been writing for a long time, and yes, he is growing forgetful as he ages—and he trusts he is not alone in this.

Growing up, Mark immersed himself in The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and fell in love with tales of adventure and magic and of struggles between great forces of good and evil.  He fought dragons in his living room and used the Force on multiple occasions (alas, always without success).  As he grew older, he discovered the heart-pumping suspense of Baldacci and Crichton and Clancy, giving rise to his love of thrillers.

As an author, Mark simply writes the kinds of stories that he loves to read.  He hopes that you find his stories, no matter the genre, to be full of wonder and struggle, pain and triumph, mystery and fantastical delight—a place where adventure begins.  And he hopes that you come along for the ride.